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Kalamitsi Beach Lefkada

kalamitsi beach in lefkada island

One sight of sunset at Kalamitsi Beach in Lefkada Island can stay in the thoughts for weeks. It happens once each day, but no two are alike. For the lucky few that witness it in the relaxed atmosphere of ocean breezes, it is simply beautiful. There are other beaches nearby,[…]


 Vasiliki is a town in the municipal unit of Apollonioi, on the island of Lefkada, Greece. It is situated on the south coast, 4 km south of Agios Petros and 25 km southwest of Lefkada city. Vasiliki is a well known windsurfing spot during the summer months due to a[…]

Porto Katsiki

 Porto Katsiki, one of the most famous beaches allover the world, is located on the Ioanian Sea island of Lefkada. In English means “Port of the Goat”, because during the old times, only a goat could approach this area. A very famous and photogenic beach, it is at the bottom[…]

The island

Lefkada(Leucas, Leucadia, Lefkas, Leukas or Lefcas) is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece, connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Lefkada Town. It is situated on the[…]


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