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lefkas Hotel Lefkas offers you the chance to stay in one of the most beautiful squares in Lefkada town, amongst the lush vegetation, the statues of Lefkadian poets and with a magical view of the Ionian Sea. Lefkada is privileged to be a “land” island. In other words, it is connected with the rest of the country by a road through the 50 meter pontoon bridge that connects the island with Etoloacarnania.

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Travelers from Northern Greece can reach Ioannina through Egnatia Odos. From there, they can continue to Preveza and pass through the “Aktio” undersea tunnel. Lefkada is 20 minutes (22 km) away from there. Travelers from central and southern Greece can reach Lefkada through the Rio-Antirio bridge. To get to Lefkada, they can continue from Antirio to Agrinio, Amphilochia and Vonitsa.   The Antirio-Lefkada route is 150 km long and 2 hours away.

Also, there is a flight connection through the Aktion National Airport, which is 15 minutes away from Lefkada. As you approach Lefkada town, after crossing the floating bridge, you will see HOTEL LEFKAS across the square.




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